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Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin - do you feel that? That's the Bitcoin Sucker inside of you being coerced into this new world of crypto currency! We call it the buttcoin effect. The world seems so crazy these days, and for a good reason. It is without a doubt, the maddest period in human history.


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The reasons that people are turned away from Bitcoin are numerous. Mostly it is to do with the fact you can't really buy anything with it, so it is completely pointless.

  • Cryptocurency is nothing to do with the actual product. You don’t need to understand the technology behind cryptocurrency because you will be option trading ForEx (Foreign Exchange) prices against other world currencies with something called CFDs (Contracts for Differences). You must have no prior trading knowledge as these options brokers want you to lose all your money options trading in their financial betting shop. This is similar to how you don’t need to know how gold is mined in order to trade it, but then they do just dig it out of the f**king ground.
  • We want everyone, regardless of technical ability or class, to experience the world of high-risk CFD trading. Why should the majority of the population avoid being ripped-off? We want everyone's money!
  • So what did we do? Well, we’ve developed a system designed to help your transition into the CFD 'broker' (telephone terrorist) world of misery a little easier. It’s accessible and simple. It's free from all those fancy graphs and charts that give you a chance, like on other sites. This is because there are no figures, we just get on with it and rip you off!
  • Signing up with Bitcoin Sucker is simple and may well be the first step in a long and terrible experience. Before that, though, we’ve put together a few little bits of information for people that hopefully are not too well versed in the CFD world. Down below, we take a look at just what this scam is, how the 'trading' can be tilted in their favour or faked - how your money is taken.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a popular derivative product you can use to speculate on financial markets – such as forex, indices, commodities or shares – without getting ownership of the underlying asset. In actuality, you are placing a bet on whether you think the price will rise or fall. 

This means that when you get it wrong, you lose the stake, because you didn't buy anything. This means that it is not trading, but betting. 

Going long is the term used to describe placing a bet that the market price will increase over a certain timeframe, and going short or ‘shorting’ a market is the reverse – placing a bet that the market will decline. 

So when you spread bet you own nothing, so it is not trading or 'trading on margins' as some call it, because you have nothing to trade. It is betting, just like betting on a horse, and about as good-a-way to turn a profit 

There are two types of margin to consider when spread betting: 

Deposit margin. This is the initial funding required to open the position, which is usually presented as a percentage of your total trade.This could be considered as your 'stake' when you bet, except that you do not get it back in addition to your winnings, should you speculate correctly. 

Maintenance margin. This refers to the additional funds that might be required if your open position starts to incur losses that are not covered by the initial deposit. You’ll get a notification – known as a margin call – asking you to top up the funds or risk having your position closed, losing your stake. 

That’s the biggest difference between betting and spread-betting, if you keep paying you can stay in the market until it starts to go your way and so it is highly addictive. It is also highly risky, 80% of all non-professional spread-betters lose all of their money. 

CFDs are very similar to spread-betting but the contract for differences itself does actually have a value for the length of that contract which can be traded. CFD trading is illegal within the United States of America, Canada and Israel. 

This means that CFDs are effectively speculating on spread-betting which is, as you can imagine, a highly risky proposition. 

CFD trading also requires that the investor to pay commission charges and transaction fees to the provider; whereas with, spread betting no fees or commissions are taken. When the contract is closed and profits or losses are realized, the investor is either owed money or owes money to the trading company. If profits are realized, the CFD trader will net profit of the relative closing position, less opening position and fees. 

Profits for spread bets will be the change in base points multiplied by the cash amount negotiated in the original bet. 

Both CFDs and spread bets should be subject to dividend payouts, assuming a long position contract. Although there is no direct ownership of the asset, a provider should pay dividends if the underlying asset does as well. When profits are realized for CFD trades, the investor is subject to capital gains tax while spread betting profits are tax free as it falls within bookmakers regulations.

How Bitcoin Fits In

The basic concept of the scam is that they use what you have heard in the news about profits from Bitcoin to delude you into thinking this product will make you rich quickly so that you invest without thinking.

To understand that, you need to understand how these people think. They are interested in gaining a fee for you giving them your details so that their 'brokers' can start to try and get you to 'invest.'

This system needs an affiliate network in order to persuade websites to point people in your direction which is why so many sites pop-up advertising when you search for 'Bitcoin profit' or 'Bitcoin trader' - they are all after that affiliate sign-up fee.

They all tend to start with the same question, 'is Bitcoin trader a scam?' and then they go through a series of questions, answering them with statements that begin with the word 'reportedly.'

This keeps the search engines thinking that these sites are popular because so many scavengers link to them in search of a few dolars of affiliate fees. It also means that the affiliate network remain blameless as they were just reporting what the original website said. The behind the scenes of this process is, of course, a lot more sordid. In the meantime, that’s the information that you need in order to avoid these scams and becoming a Bitcoin Sucker. 

Bitcoin scammers operate on various different scales. Some only have a room or two full of 'brokers' dedicated to recruiting CFD traders, while some have entire warehouses full of desperate young people working on commission. 

If you invest in CFDs and win, there is no obligation for these unregulated companies to pay-up. Their companies are registered in countries like 'St Vincent and the Grenadines' and their office is not physically there in reality. The company registration and letters will be handled by a company which owns the address and leases it out to hundreds of trading/spread-betting companies. 

Buying large amounts of relaible stock has an expensive startup cost associated with it, so scammers recommend you trade with Bitcoin Sucker before setting foot in that realm of possibility. You don’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars on stock in case it loses value, and they play on that fear. 

Bitcoin has had a Turbulent History – But the trend has definitely been upward.

The history of Bitcoin is not really full of ups and downs as many would suggest. Whether or not you've heard of the great boom of 2017, this was only really a boom if you take into account what happened afterwards. The trend of Crypto has been upwards and apart from that one market crash (which happens to every market) the overwhelming trend has always remained upward.

Bitcoin is now at around £40k a coin, which is quite a nice profit if you invested at £5000 before COVID. 

The infrastructure around Bitcoin is what makes it a probable safe bet, but if the central banks decide to destroy it, then it will die. 

XRP may be a good investments as they have made presentations to the European central banks and are centrally managed.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, bounced back quickly due to the uncertainty of the current central bank scheme. 

This is the first global emergency that currencies have ever had to survive, and cryptocurrency will undoubtedly be the future. It offers the central powers so much control. 

Trading with Bitcoin Sucker

Despite being a currency, Bitcoin doesn’t have too much in common with trading currency on the ForEx. Bitcoin is a system that relies on milions of computers around the world to process transactions and encrypt the coins, and so the price is based entirely upon supply & demand as with gold. One unit of Bitcoin is also worth a lot more than one unit of any other fiat currency.

Due to these qualities, Bitcoin is sometimes called digital gold. This description isn’t entirely inaccurate, either. Trading Bitcoin is a similar process to trading commodities. It’s considered a relatively safe investment that is expected to only grow in value. That’s the way you should be thinking of it. Don’t look at it like buying euros with dollars, instead view it as investing in a commodity, either for long term growth or short-term trading.

This mindset is actually a major factor in why Bitcoin recovered from the pandemic so quickly. Traditional investors saw that the future of many companies was up in the air, so they moved their money into Bitcoin because there was no risk of it going bankrupt. While you don’t need to be thinking on this level to trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Sucker effectively, it is something that you should keep in mind.

Don’t treat your Bitcoin trading like you would treat your Forex investments, and instead treat it like you’re buying gold.

Common FAQs

The team here at Bitcoin Sucker is comprised of industry veterans that have all been incarcerated in one way or another. In our time, we’ve all been sent up the river. Apart from the obvious, we had some character building experiences and here we share just a few with you:

Did they really land on the moon?

Definitely the astronauts were prepared to go no matter the risk, and the US definitely had the know-how and resources to make it possible. 

The Apollo One fire was a terrible catastrophe that should never have happened no matter what. The excuses that surfaced surrounding the episode are highly suspicious. Someone shoud have been responsible for the lives of those men and should have taken the blame for such a terrible incident. The fact that so many excuses were ready makes us very sad. 

The Apollo spacecraft was a sound design and set the trend for all future missions and so the technology was certainly present. 

The majority of the scientists at NASA are decent people and would certainly not engage in such a deception. 

The footage and the photos are definitely fake, only a nutcase would stand by some of the glaring issues, but this does not mean that they didn't go. 

Armstrong and Collins were definitely concealing something at the '69 press conference or were under threat of some sort. 

From the evidence provided by Karl Wolfe and Lonnie Zamora, we would estimate that the elite had been on the moon since the early 60s at least and that the NASA astronauts would have been made to stay in Earth's orbit.

Was Roswell really an alien flying saucer capture?

If you were watching from an alien satellite and saw what may have appeared as nuclear weapons being dropped on women and children in houses made of paper, you may have been concerned about the sanity of humans. 

To address this you may have dispatched a craft to see if they were mobile with that technology and what their capabilites were. 

The only nuclear armed squadron on Earth was the 509th, stationed at Roswelll, New Mexico.. 

The military do not send a press release lightly. It passes from the press officer to be signed by the most senior officer on site. They would have been absolutely sure about what they had before announcing it. 

Whoever showed up and told them to cover up the findings did a pretty poor job. When the air force can't tell between a weather balloon and a threat, you need a new air force. 

Is there a secret space programme?

Yes, is the short answer, but then there would be, no modern government tells it's people the truth any more.They do not want to surrender their advantage. 

Much of contemporary UFO talk is to keep secret programmes hidden. 

There are so many sightings and encounters on record that to deny the existence of both a secret programme and ETs is plainly just to keep people from asking important questions. Modern city/suburban life is that of a farm animal. 

The secret programme obviously consists of vehicles that can travel through both space and the atmosphere as well as the oceans. Many sightings are at sea and if technology allows for such travel, underwater bases are a definite possibility. 

There is no current evidence that there are planets entirely populated by beautiful girls like Barbarella, but if you hear anything to the contrary then we would be very interested in a single ticket. 

The technology that equips these craft with their capabilities emits light as part of the process.

This technology has been in the hands of a worldwide elite since the 60s, probably reverse engineered from Roswell and other crash sites. The technology appears to use rotating HG plasma in an electromagnetic field to overcome gravity and momentum.

Was the Falklands War just a political tool?

Probably. Sinking the Belgrano like that without a shot fired does not really seem like the actions of a liberation task force. The waters round there are very cold and the Argentine flag ship was very old. It only aided to stop the Argentinians agreeing a cease fire or some other arrangement. 

Thatcher definitely came out well from the scrape. She was re-elected and no doubt knew that this would be the case. 

This is representative of every war you have ever heard of in the past, as the precedent had long ago been set at the end of the Napoleonic wars whilst the British were too busy to think about protecting the Bank of England. 

The Argentinians were foolish invading, now the UK can never hand the Falklands over as so many lives were lost. There is also talk of oil down there and the Rothschilds would be unlikely to let that fall into communist hands. 

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